Monday, July 8, 2013

Button Forms!

Don't be fooled by the packaging, folks. These are merely button forms. You control the fabric that wraps around these metal forms for a completely customized button look!

As I mentioned, my Mom used these throughout the late 60s/early 70s. And so many of my pantsuits had buttons made of matching fabrics. And in those years, that matching fabric was usually very multi-colored. We're not talking muted plaids. No, zany stripes, florals and even smiley faces could make it onto these. It was completely out of control.

Someone should bring these back and just sew them all over the damn place. Everyone loves buttons. In fact, I went to a brunch yesterday in Oakland and my friend had a clear baggie of colorful buttons taped to the wall of her office/studio. I don't know why. Maybe she's doing some sewing. Anyway, it got me thinking: why not decorate with buttons? They're just so nice.

I'm working on some art. Or is it art? It's definitely up in the air. And I finally finished that Alice Neel biography. She got rich, acclaimed, and famous in the last decade of her life. It was like the elevator to the stars! Then she died. Perhaps that's the way to go. So the fame never spoils you. Anyway, she worked her butt off over the years, making trillions of portraits. She deserved every bit of fame and the some. Now I can plow through the new oral history of Led Zeppelin, who did not have to wait long for fame at all.

More mail to come. My landlord made us this crazy stone mailbox mausoleum this year and when it's hot (like it was last week, above 100 degrees every day), the mail gets VERY HOT. These buttons were ON FIRE. Made it pretty exciting.