Monday, May 11, 2015


I was going to title this post, "rhymes with coven" because I love that movie so much and I love the way they pronounce, "coven". And that's a total non-sequitor. The weirdest thing happened. You know how I saw the image on your camera when I was going through those author photos? Well, when I got home, the mail art was sticking up out of the mail box and I had a momentary shock of, "I know that thing...I've seen it before", and in that split second, I knew exactly what it was I was looking at. I love this. There are little fragments of words and faces, some familiar (that you want to forget) and some I've never seen before. Last week in the NYT, I read about an artist who took some of his portrait photos and put cut outs on top of them and this gave them a whole different feeling. This is much more interesting than his work and I don't have to log in to the NYT to see it! I love the sunset effect the colors make.

Monday, May 4, 2015


What's inside? What's inside? Did I win a contest?

Holes in envelope give clues:


Groovy memo pad from the past!

Can't wait to make my grocery/hardware-store shopping lists! But it's almost too precious for that. It's an artifact from when all things were groovy, even memo pads. Those were the days, my friend.