Friday, March 21, 2014

Ceramic Toast

This was a hefty ceramic surprise. It got here fine—not even a chip from its long journey. The stamps are fabulous and remind me of leather-crafting in the 70s. I had a bracelet with these kind of letters on it (courtesy the Tandy Leather store). And it can hang on the wall too. Did you know Keith and Jackson are addicted to toast? And I recently got Jackson to branch out into grilled cheese. It's been a banner year for toast.

I know this blew our mail-lady's mind

Personal toast

I haven't shown you my new wall display. I got the frame from Cost Plus (I had a coupon). Wish the wall wasn't white behind it but I'm not allowed to paint our rental. I suppose I could paint the frame itself (it's "distressed" white), but it might clash with the art.