Tuesday, October 30, 2012

You Can Do It

I must say, I know nothing about Bob Ross.  He's iconic and recognizable, like the Ginsu, but that's been the extent of my acquaintance with him...until now!  I will be watching whatever youtube has to offer.  How did J's presentation go?

OK, I just watched the "remix" episode with the song "I Believe Every Day's a Good Day When You Paint".  Very hypnotic.  I can see how someone would be fascinated by him.  He has a very steady hand and he's just so confident. 

You totally crack me up!  The drawing and the whole card so captures him.  I will have to watch more videos to get the full picture, so to speak, of this Bob Ross.   You have captivated my imagination.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dee See Banksy

POW! This little postcard punched me in the eyes yesterday and has filled me with delight ever since. At arm's length, it's a Banksy reference in miniature. But close up, it's brush strokes and gradations of black, white and gray, with lovely lettering (that I had to smudge out for here—bummer). And I just stare at it, drinking in the talent it takes to paint such finery. Bansky does this on large outdoor surfaces. Dee See does it so I can hold this lovely work in my hand. :D   :D    :D

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Quadruple Whammy

I cannot say enough about this.  It's so beautiful, I framed part of it and I think I just might frame the other piece too.  The thing about it, all four sides are incredible, so it's not easy to decide which side to highlight.   You are probably wondering what it is I am going on about.  Let me show you:

This wonderful mail art arrived yesterday.  Since we got home when it was dark out and I hadn't left a light on, it took a moment or two for my eyes to adjust and when they did I was blown away.  Above is the front.  The reverse is just as fabulous:

And if those were not incredible enough, the envelope contained something truly awe-inspiring:

And of course, the accompanying letter was a kick when I turned it over...literally! 

This is just amazing, in every possible way...thank you! 

Friday, October 5, 2012

Watercolor iPod containing an enigma

A beautiful piece of mail art. So detailed and full of found objects from San Francisco's city streets of the past. The watercolor app's are so detailed and mesmerizing. And the sick thing is: I want to push that little button below them on the console. Steve Jobs really tapped into some primal button-pushing urge there. You definitely captured it.

Well, I really have to think on this a little bit more before I send something back with this theme. Love how conceptual you are on this one.