Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Comics 1985 style

I found my box of fanzines and have been going through the pile from the 80s. The Processed World's are pretty dull with hardly any comics, bad clip-art collage, and lots of opinion pieces that I'm too lazy to read. Nancy's Magazine are more fun with her delightfully droll take on research and librarianism (and comics!). Look what I found in this 1985 issue: "My Date - March 23, 1985." Looks like I flattened the tone of the evening down a bit for comic's sake. See if you can guess who the mystery date is!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Reversable collage in vintage frame

Hee! This was so fun—dainty and substantial at once. Fits in the palm of my hand and buried among  reams of junk mail in our mail box. I followed the directions (using needle-nosed pliers to get the backing off, and discovered what was inside in this order:

Collage #1 is lovely with all the pinks, reds and tans—bits of found and most likely ancient printed matter.

Instructions and postage on old-timey cardboard backing.

Once I got the substantially thick backing out of the frame and turned the artwork around, I found  Collage #2. This is what I left in for now, currently on my desk, below my computer screen (double vision as I type this). Lots of textures, patterns and gold on this side.

The backing, now inserted the "traditional" way and so useful! A sturdy little artwork. I'm leaving the postage on because it's cool to have postage on your artwork.

I am very happy with this mail art. And when it's time for a change, I know just what to do.