Friday, July 17, 2015

Tiny Lloyd!

He's so tiny! He's in a clear box, sent by mail, slouched and stylish on an urban corner. He's so wonderful and he's mine, all mine.

I hope my mail lady, Margie, got to deliver this before she left our route. I don't know my new mailman personally yet, but hopefully he'll be able to deal with our creative mail-art output and input. Anyway, it's a fitting last delivery for Margie who always gave us candy and cards every holiday but wouldn't accept gifts from us because it's against the law for federal agents to do so. Or so she told me, with a sad face. I never figured out how to gift her since she as always "on duty" when I saw her. Anyway, she loved your art SO MUCH. She just beamed every time she talked about it. Thank you for gifting Margie.