Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Comics 1985 style

I found my box of fanzines and have been going through the pile from the 80s. The Processed World's are pretty dull with hardly any comics, bad clip-art collage, and lots of opinion pieces that I'm too lazy to read. Nancy's Magazine are more fun with her delightfully droll take on research and librarianism (and comics!). Look what I found in this 1985 issue: "My Date - March 23, 1985." Looks like I flattened the tone of the evening down a bit for comic's sake. See if you can guess who the mystery date is!


Dee See said...

Of course that is Dave O. You totally captured him. He's kind of an iconic figure for me from that time, an early hipster, complete with ironic sense of style and humor. I could never figure him out because he seemed conflicted, like that whole thing he was ironizing was really who he was. I'm probably over-analyzing this.

Nancy's Magazine was so cool and so unpretentious. I loved seeing those when you used to get them in the mail.

Miss Lisa said...

Irony - was *that* what he was going for? Maybe I was too green to figure it out at the time. He did wear that beret and was full of self-loathing. I think you're right though--he was that thing. Poor guy. That would suck.

I so enjoy going through Nancy's Magazines. Much more so than other publications of the time. They're timeless because they're about every-day life, homemaking, food, feelings. One of my favorite articles she did was called "Doormats I have known" with illustrations, of course. She is a genius and I think she's teaching poetry to children now. And also in a comedy improv troupe. Hail, Nancy.