Sunday, October 14, 2012

Quadruple Whammy

I cannot say enough about this.  It's so beautiful, I framed part of it and I think I just might frame the other piece too.  The thing about it, all four sides are incredible, so it's not easy to decide which side to highlight.   You are probably wondering what it is I am going on about.  Let me show you:

This wonderful mail art arrived yesterday.  Since we got home when it was dark out and I hadn't left a light on, it took a moment or two for my eyes to adjust and when they did I was blown away.  Above is the front.  The reverse is just as fabulous:

And if those were not incredible enough, the envelope contained something truly awe-inspiring:

And of course, the accompanying letter was a kick when I turned it over...literally! 

This is just amazing, in every possible way...thank you! 


Miss Lisa said...

Thanks--I'm so glad you like it. It was fun to make. You know how sometimes when you're making something, the time goes by but you don't even notice? And you look up from your mass of paper cuttings and glue blobs and pencils and stuff and you think--whoa--the sun is setting and it's almost time for dinner. That happened with this one. Probably because it was so close to my experiences from the distant pass.

I finished watching Career Girls. Mike Leigh is such an amazing director. I love how he lets his actors go for it. Yet he manages to shape their wackiness into "something." I don't think he always knows what it will be as he works.

Anyway, it's haunting to revisit the past on many levels. And kind of beautiful to know how many people get through youth and on to middle age and think a lot of the same things about it.

But of course, young people mostly don't even think about time or any of that. They're in the moment.

(Brain implodes.) Good night.

Dee See said...

I live for those moments when you lose yourself in your work. Sometimes, when I'm listening to a podcast and working on something at the same time, it's like I had my mind, my ego, I guess, removed, so I can actually focus on what I'm doing by paying attention to something else. It's got to be a great podcast, though, otherwise it doesn't work its magic. Also, some music works really well, like Lennie Tristano or Bill Evans or Debussy. You weren't by chance listening to a wtf interview when you were working on this were you? If so, which one?!

Miss Lisa said...

I think we were watching some baseball and/or cartoons during this session. I have a desk-lap I drag around the house because I don't have a work table (yet). Sometimes podcasts affect my mood so much, I have trouble focusing properly on the art. But other times, yes, especially if they're really absurd or funny. I still love the Bobcat Goldthwait WTF the best for that. He should make a movie about his early years.

Miss Lisa said...

Wait, it's lap-desk. Not desk-lap. Or it could be. Sometimes it feels like I have a desk-lap. I should probably get that cheap drafting table I've been eyeing at Blick.