Friday, October 5, 2012

Watercolor iPod containing an enigma

A beautiful piece of mail art. So detailed and full of found objects from San Francisco's city streets of the past. The watercolor app's are so detailed and mesmerizing. And the sick thing is: I want to push that little button below them on the console. Steve Jobs really tapped into some primal button-pushing urge there. You definitely captured it.

Well, I really have to think on this a little bit more before I send something back with this theme. Love how conceptual you are on this one.


Dee See said...

Would you believe the part that gave me the most trouble was the box- like structure holding the contents. I literally had to take the original thing apart to get a pattern to make the fake one. It took me two tries and I still couldn't get it right. If you look at the cover, there are three layers because, well because I glued it on, not once, but twice, before making sure it would fit in the plastic case. The package design is genius and still mysterious even after all that.

Miss Lisa said...

I DID notice the box construction and I couldn't believe how intricate it was. I was trying to show it in the second photo a little but unfortunately it's not in sharp focus. And I couldn't do it justice to explain in words. As I was photographing everything, I saw all the crazy folds and shaping that went into it. It's based on reality? Oh my!