Tuesday, October 30, 2012

You Can Do It

I must say, I know nothing about Bob Ross.  He's iconic and recognizable, like the Ginsu, but that's been the extent of my acquaintance with him...until now!  I will be watching whatever youtube has to offer.  How did J's presentation go?

OK, I just watched the "remix" episode with the song "I Believe Every Day's a Good Day When You Paint".  Very hypnotic.  I can see how someone would be fascinated by him.  He has a very steady hand and he's just so confident. 

You totally crack me up!  The drawing and the whole card so captures him.  I will have to watch more videos to get the full picture, so to speak, of this Bob Ross.   You have captivated my imagination.


Miss Lisa said...

You know what's funny? Yesterday, 10/30, was his birthday and Google featured him on their search page. I didn't know. Just a timely arrival of mail.

It's really hard to watch Bob Ross on the Internet. His estate must have a strong law-arm. A guy on Vimeo had a bunch of his shows up but it looks like they were all taken down two days ago.

Here's a French site with a show:

That song was created by someone at PBS using computers, of course. Jackson embedded it in his presentation so we got to listen to it for a long time last week. His show was on in Vancouver when we lived there so that's where Jackson discovered him. Bob Ross every morning, then kindergarten--good set-up.

He's almost more of a magician than painter. Most could not do what he does, especially in such a limited amount of time. Critics are not impressed, but Bob Ross encouraged Jackson to paint on a daily basis. And he was so soooothing.

Dee See said...

I just noticed a couple of things on your card! I can be so obtuse sometimes. I see the stamp is like a "happy little tree" and our addresses are inside of "happy little clouds"!

I also remember seeing that google thingy and it didn't even register when I saw it. Adam and I went back to see if we could re-capture it and if my memory is working properly, I don't think the picture looked very much like him.

We watch the video again of the PBS song and were hypnotized all over again!