Monday, September 24, 2012

Which came first?

This conundrum always gets to me whenever I think about it.  I spend way much more time than necessary contemplating what seems more likely.  In this case, the egg arrived first and was a delivery system for what was inside:


There's crazy chicken with a floating swirl of thoughts, possibly contemplating her own conundrum; the quartet of peeps, my favorite in the lower right corner literally a peeping peep; and the post-modern chicken, ghostily out-lined behind a screen of floating feathers.  

Chickens are the best.  They're very popular these days and can be seen non-chalantly pecking on people's lawns or occasionally crossing the proverbial street.  Did you know there's a small town called Fair Oaks that is home to a large population of free ranging chickens?  They roost in the trees so if you're strolling after sunset, steer clear of any branchy overhangs.

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