Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Collaborative Collage

Swell postcards (and a garbage truck token) from the both of you. Lots to look at and enjoy. Textures, torn edges, cube shapes, penned patterns, shiny foil, stitchery, a proud horse, envelope surprise in a bag. Layers and mysteries from mom and son. Thank you.

Look for something this week in the mail. Finishing it up today.


Dee See said...

We had fun recycling a bunch of scraps I had collected including a ripped up self portrait from last year. I don't know if you've noticed this but trash used to be so much more interesting. You used to be able to walk down the street and find really nice bits of paper, great colors or patterns and stuff. Now everything is plasticky with no end of barcodes.

Miss Lisa said...

I have noticed that! Lots of slick, shiny paper now (and yes, covered in bar codes). I think off-set printing is suffering, even in the trash department. I picked up an old cigarette soft-pack the other day. I was really desperate and scrounging, I guess.