Saturday, September 8, 2012

El Pulpo!

Years ago, Raya and I were driving down 1 in the wee hours and came up with this mantra to keep ourselves awake.  One of us would yell, "El Pulpo!" and then the other would scream, "El Toro!" kind of like a call and response battle announcing who was the most fearsome.  And, speaking of battles, good old Pikachu is seen here protecting El Pulpo from some no doubt ferocious El Toro.  Ole!

I've been working on that original kernel of a story and have gotten more engrossed in it.  It's a little off beat but I think you'll be intrigued.  I'll do a little more on it probably Monday (I have to work tomorrow) and try to get it nailed down.  I do need that staring at the ceiling time, too, so I completely understand the need for space and the unobstructed flow of thoughts.

PS: thanks for legalizing us!

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Miss Lisa said...

I never knew you liked to yell, PULPO! I do too. It's a great word. So descriptive. I thought of doing childish versions of all the Spanish-language loteria game cards, but like graffiti characters. Those cards are perfect as is, though. That's the problem. Sending you an email now.