Thursday, June 20, 2013


When I opened the envelope, I immediately noticed the jewelry and was like, how did she know?! Then I saw the glasses and I recognized them. I think you wore those way back when, right? I say how did she know because lately I've been doing my usual scheming and decided to start making necklaces out of recycled jewelry parts as a possible new vocation. It's so fun reinventing something, but not so lucrative. Or it could be I have no business sense. That's most likely. Here is that of which I write:

It was a huge adjustment coming back and I'm still adjusting. I wish we could go back there often, maybe even live there. I especially loved Bologna and Hampstead Heath. Is it unrealistic to scheme in those directions?

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Miss Lisa said...

Duh. I didn't think to check in to the site to see if you got the mail yet. I see you did! Jewelry you say? I had no idea! But I remember wearing a lot of jewelry back then. And I have this crazy beaded necklace (cyantype #1) that broke a few years ago. I didn't purchase it in the 80s, but the colors and style is pure 80s. I think I got it in the early 90s from a manufacturer that was hoping to cash in on some nostalgia market that didn't exist yet. Anyway, I'll show it to you sometime. Maybe you can help me fix it. It probably just needs new string w/attachments. I know so little about how jewelry is put together.

I used to wear pretty big earrings too. I should have included some of those! Big earrings attract! Like flowers to bees.