Thursday, November 14, 2013

What do kitties dream of?

This, of course.


Flip-side with a small addition from the P.O.

I have a small collection of these bread-ties (bread clips? bread closures? bread twikkies? substitute guitar picks) and I actually use them to close bags sometimes. They do tend to get lost on the counter (even our tiny counter) and often end up on the floor, under things and between cracks. If we had a cat, I could see this being a source of amusement on occasion—fishing one of these out of its hidey-hole, then batting it across the floor like a hockey puck. But I've never sewn one onto a postcard. No sir. This is a fresh new approach to plastic.


Dee See said...

Ugh. Sorry about the postage. I cannot believe that went wasn't heavier than a regular card?!

Miss Lisa said...

No problem--they delivered it as scheduled. I think it was just bumpy for them. I haven't done any art in weeks. Oh dear. Will get on that. Doing lots of website work and then goofing around too much. Will talk to you soon.