Tuesday, January 14, 2014

At last - Cracker mail

So delayed but it took a while to get back into "regular" existence after the holidaze. I just finished building Jackson's workbench project that was started at Christmastime. It was an epic, month-long saga of getting the right part for this workbench. Yesterday my parents showed up to find me hammering away, trying not to swear like a sailor. They rescued the workbench project with their perfect hi-we-were-just-in-the-neighborhood-thought-we'd-stop-by timing and tool logic. Jackson is now the happiest junior woodworker in the western hemisphere.

I owe you some mail. Perhaps the completed workbench will help with that.

And now: cracker in the mail.




Dee See said...

Hahaha! That is actually a "Social Snacker" from Trader Joe's as copied on the work xerox. They're quite good but nowhere near as tasty as an Akmak; however, they are much more crackery-looking, and therefore better suited to sending through the mail!

Dee See said...

And now I just re-read your post. I am so impressed that you built a work bench! And swear like a sailor!