Saturday, January 24, 2015


Sturdy layers of hidden meaning...

Is it a map, a diagram, architecture, instructional brochure, historical setting, geographical place


And on the front:

Lemons! Which are growing in abundance in my back yard as well. I just read about an art project where you get a map and close your eyes and point your finger on a spot. Then you go to that spot and document it with drawings, photos, whatever. Your art is the result. This is like geographical spot-mapping art, but it came in the mail. And there's lemons, which I love. I will always embrace geography and lemons as subject matter.

I sent you one right away because it came together without a lot of thought or planning. Speedy.


Dee See said...

You know, that is not what I set out to do. I had an idea in mind for months and then when I went to go do it, nothing was working. This is actually inspired by someone else's work (Ray Johnson) but it looks nothing like his work. Plus he was so much smarter than I am and he had an attitude that I only can aspire to.
The lemons were a little nod to my original intention, but that's as far as I got with them.

Miss Lisa said...

Ray Johnson--I keep hearing his name pop up lately. There's a Ray Johnson system in the collective cognisance. Anything goes better with lemons. That's what I think. LEMONS--they're just so fine.