Thursday, July 19, 2012

Already Been Said

I know this has been said several times over, but I thought I'd take this opportunity to use it as a metaphor for today's frame of mind. Not in general, just for yours truly and just today (I hope).

In an earlier post, I mentioned having discovered after seeing a youtube video of Betty Boop and Louis Armstrong (I'll Be Glad When You're Dead You Rascal You"), that it appears this bizarre cartoon inspired a short film by Woody Allen (his segment of New York Stories). I emailed his publicist asking if this were the case, and predictably, to date, have not heard back.

Then, a few days ago, after reading a review of his most recent movie, "To Rome with Love", in the New Yorker, I realized he most certainly is and most likely has been very much influenced by cartoons. I was amazed he would take such a memorable scene from the Flintstones and use it so obviously in his new film. I mean, everyone remembers that episode, don't we? Aside from every scene involving Dino, isn't the Barney shower singing episode the only one you really remember from your childhood of lousy 1970s t.v.? Anyhow, the deed is done and it's been noted by every blog in the stratosphere. What's really interesting is there are no, and I mean not one, image to be found of Barney in the shower on the internet. The clip itself isn't even on youtube. But I digress.

My metaphor is kind of sloppy but I'll muddle through regardless. Today is one of those days when I need not *a* shower but *the* hypothetical shower to do any sort of hypothetical singing. At least Barney knows he's got singing and everyone agrees he sounds good when he's singing in the shower. Today feels like singing could occur but we've got a problem with the plumbing, i.e., there's no water. I think if I knew what my personal shower was, today might be different. Do you ever feel this way? Is this listlessness? I suppose I'm filling the well, as they say. Yes, yes, another manifestation of this terrible metaphor.

How are you, by the way? I meant to write an email back to you because some of the stuff we write about is so personal, too personal for this blog. Without going into too many specifics, every time you write about J, I realize N is so much like that. They really have so much in common. If you want to correspond, or even talk more about this, we can try to get together, maybe for a hike? I can take a ride out there.

In other metaphorical news: I managed to send out an installment on Monday, before the shower went on the blink. I have other ideas lined up...these mail arts kind of force me to do something, which is good. I hope it made it through the mail was kind of hard to see if you weren't paying attention, which was kind of my idea. Very transparent of me. :)

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