Monday, June 18, 2012

Doopy doopy doo

Couldn't think of a better title for this post. I got your chocolate landscape. Thank you! I love chocolate and landscapes so much. I never thought to combine the two—brilliant. Plus a note written on cardboard chocolate is RIGHT UP MY ALLEY. If I had an alley, that is.

I didn't take photos today (updated: yes I did, a few days later) because I've been distracted by Jackson. He had tummy aches all weekend (thus beginning summer vacation on a down note). Doing better today, but we scheduled his medication early this week, rather than later, as had been planned. Hopefully his immune system will calm down and he'll be feeling good after tomorrow. The near-impossibility of feeding Jackson became insurmountable the last 48 hours. He's terrified to food at the moment. I've compensated by teeny tiny snack-meals throughout the day. Anyway, it's been a rough few days.

Kaiser, bless them, has been very responsive, so I think things will be better very soon.

So I had two postcards, ready to mail to you that Jackson made last week specifically for our project. But when I double-checked with him, he decided he wanted to hang on to them. I should have just mailed them--he never would have missed them, I'm sure. Duh. I had a question for you that was supposed to go in the mail:

[You have answered my question. Thank you.]

Also, I will miss the project for a month, but taking a break is always a good plan when lots of stuff is going on and I completely understand. I hope wherever you're going, inspiration awaits you for inchies or footies. I'm thinking you should have a show this year--yes? A cafe show, a library show, a business-lobby show. These are all good alternatives to galleries, because galleries, while nice, are kind of a pain. Just throwing this out there. Into the stratosphere.

Oh, this was a treat. Guess who was with me yesterday when I got your mail? That's right--John Hughes. We were on our way to see a stage production of "Xanadu," the Broadway show, based on the Olivia Newton-John movie. It was being put on by Walnut Creek Center Rep Company. They do a really good job. I've seen three of their plays this season and they were all really good. I missed a bunch last year and I vowed that wouldn't happen again. They're so impressively professional. The leads are all union actors and they use live bands for their musicals and I haven't seen a dud yet.  Anyway, John was the only person on Earth that I knew I could interest in seeing this show. We loved it. The lead wore roller skates the entire time on stage and she was really good. A very funny, ridiculous show.

Anyway, the mail came and Keith brought it to me as we were on our way to drop John off at BART so he got to see mail art in action! He loved it. He says hello. He was wearing a delightful hot-pink shirt and Bermuda shorts. I love when things happen with good timing. 


Dee See said...

Helloooo! How are you guys? Can you believe this weather? Socks and long sleeves. Weird but kinda back east and cozy.

I hope things are going better for Jackson. I know this is going to sound weird, but you guys could invent a special food for these times, like a vitamin-infused lollipop. It must be so hard to be hungry and at the same time be afraid of food. I hope he's feeling better.

That is so cool J did mail art! Can you take a picture of it and post it on here? He can always mail it to himself and then it will have gone through the mail and he'll still have it :)

Nathanael says he wants to work on some, too, but we still haven't sat down to do it. I finally got a few ideas now on the back burner. Sigh of relief!

John Hughes, the stuff of legend. Being in this town I can't help but be reminded of him on a regular basis. He was so much fun and it sounds like he still is. He could do stand up. He's so deadpan.

On shows: a friend here is putting together a little show at our library (she's a co-worker, too) of altered books. A few years ago, we did a round robin project with some other people in town. Anyway, I gave her a few books I "altered", so I'm anonymously in a very tiny show at the liberry. We'll see how that goes. I'm still working on the interactive pieces that are beginning to coalesce into dream like structures. Funny how sleep, or the lack of it, pervades my every waking moment (haha).

Miss Lisa said...

We're doing much better, thank you. Still battling the congestion from hell that will not go away. I've named mine Herbert. Herbert has lodged in my chest, my sinuses, my throat. I must evict Herbert. Jackson is stuffy and coughing this week as well. The weather is cray-cray, which probably isn't helping. Windy and cold (which is nice, actually), then HOT, then really cold. It's going to get down to 49 degrees tonight(!)

I hate to go on about health issues and the weather, but they are truly affecting our lives lately. In other news: I planted a camelia today. We have the worst soil in the Western Hemisphere, bar NONE. I had to add a bunch of compost and store-bought dirt and it still was terrible with rocks and chunks of concrete that is actually dirt packed together. Not a lot of farm land around here, that's for sure. No wonder it was all cattle raising and orchard growing 100 years ago.

I told Jackson your mailing-a-postcard-to-himself idea, which i thought was pretty brilliant. But he just stared at me like I was crazy. Hey, welcome to the world of art, kid. I'll take photos for you.

We watched "Kung Fu Panda" tonight. It was violently entertaining. But what I want to know is how come all the lead voices were done by white movie stars like Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman and Julia Roberts? Asian actors got the second-string roles. Answer me that, Disney.

Will read your script this week. Thanks for sending it along. I'm intrigued. Is there a role for John Hughes I wonder? Have a fabulous time.