Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Celebrity Matches!

So clever. What a delightful piece of mail—thank you! As I mentioned, Jackson was fascinated. He wanted to know if he could really burn them, of course. It's kind of enticing—that idea. Not in any reality-based way, of course. Just as a ritualistic purging concept of our overwhelming culture of CELEBRITY. And Justin Bieber is just so excited! Good God.

We were making self-portrait collages in Jackson's class a couple months ago. The kids were supposed to bring in a photo of themselves and put items or people or concepts in their collage that were really important or personal to them. One little girl needed help making a large "J" and a "B" out of yarn and glue because, as she earnestly explained to me, "Justin Bieber is VERY important to me." I did my best to form the initials which had such meaning to her. I think in order to appreciate the guy, you have to hang around a nine-year-old girl or two. I mean, it was love. I saw it in her eyes.

Anyway, the care you put into your mail is very inspiring and yes, uplifting. I was telling my parents about our project and they wanted to see all the art, so I brought out my growing pile and they were delighted. Completely delighted. They were really impressed with your ideas and fabulous execution of them.

I sent you a piece today, hoping it slips through the mail regulations. It was truly the only thing I accomplished during my week of illness (besides buying sponges today at the store—a triumph). My Mom wants me to see a doctor and I might, but I think it's just a really nasty flu that's lingering, like they do. Jackson's doing better, but he's still coughing in the morning and gets tired easily, so it's just a bad, bad virus.

I wrote a song about having the flu for one of my bands. It's called "Flu Vacation." That's what I've been on. The chorus goes "Everybody black out / pass out on the floor now." I've seen a lot of episodes of "Justified," starring Timothy Oliphant (speaking of celebrity crushes). He looks good in a cowboy hat. Or any hat, for that matter. Set in Kentucky among U.S. Marshalls, based on an Elmore Leonard short story. Not sure I would like this show as much if I didn't have the flu. It's the perfect escapist show, I guess. Like when I watched a ton of Sopranos while pregnant. I have to watch the opposite of what I'm going through. I think Tim Oliphant would make a great celebrity match!

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Dee See said...

Thanks for all the compliments. I have to thank you again...I'm so happy you like this project. You have no idea how much I appreciate that you're into doing this. The sardine can stuffed with light bulbs really is a metaphor for me and my ideas, so think of yourself of a liberator of lightbulbs!

I'm so sorry you guys are sick again. I wonder if you have allergies making things worse? Allergies have been really bad this year. Is it possible there's something in your house that could be making things worse, like hidden mold?

Today was the last day of school. Can you believe it? So strange this thing called time. I'm going to take N out for lunch and see if we can find a couple of geocaches. Have you ever done that? J might really get a kick out of it.

Well, I hope you guys feel better... I'm sending thoughts of vitamin c and chicken soup your way.