Monday, June 4, 2012

A Workaholics post

I saw this Workaholics post and thought you and Adam might enjoy the animated gifs (and story). Did you know that two of these guys grew up in Concord and went to my high school (Clayton Valley)? Well, they did. I think this explains a lot about their comedy genre. I knew this factoid a while ago thanks to this story on the Claycord blog, which is full of news and information about my hometown area (tire slashings, meth labs, escaped pit bulls, 7-11 robberies, NRA vigilantes—good stuff every week). The deep East Bay is ripe for comedy.

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Dee See said...

Small world. Those guys are so funny in totally unexpected ways. I laughed at stuff I never thought I would've thought funny until they did it. And they make the audience very uncomfortable. They make it look easy and natural. I don't know if they'll be able to keep up the quality of the first few episodes...but so many shows are like that. Also, I couldn't remember the stoylines if I tried. They're kind of vaporous.