Friday, June 1, 2012

Exquisite Corpses

I thought I'd show you some of the artwork from Jackson's class a couple weeks ago. Jackson and I have become so sick since then—I'm trying not to let it get me down, knowing it's temporary. I've got the cold/flu from hell. He's recovering from that but keeps getting these awful migraines and missing more school. I would just home-school him but he learns better from non-family authority figures. And he needs to be around his peers more, not less.

Here's some kid art. The kids had a total blast in this class. It was more like an art party. Given that they're almost out of school, any lesson that doesn't involve testing is like a party at this point.

Another mom/helper took the photos. I left my camera's memory card at home by accident. Duh. That's the equivalent of not bringing film for the camera, which I've also done on occasion in the distant past. Since it's such a big class (34 kids), we had the teacher group them in 3s or 4s, so mostly it was friends working with friends. This resulted in a lot of pretty princesses and monster-robots in the first go-round. The second time we tried, everything got a little looser, but there was some collaboration as well. It's tough to keep drawing a secret process with 34 kids all jammed into one room. I hope some of them try it at home with their family and friends. For that element of surprise.


Dee See said...

These are amazing! That well endowed cat is very charming and I love the many octopus inspired creatures.

It's rare and/or a miracle that I remember to take my camera with me....most of my life's documentation is stuck on my phone and rarely gets liberated unless I email it to the parents or in laws. You are very amazing with a camera, which proves that photography is an really have a great eye and are able to capture an image in a unique way and communicate your vision to the viewer. That's fancy speak for you take great pictures and might consider keeping an extra memory stick in your wallet for those just in case moments :).

It's 2 am and I'm awake....ugh. I fell asleep after we got home from dinner and a walk at 9ish then woke up at 11:30 and watched the fifth or sixth episode of workaholics and it was NOT good. The one called "strike" you can safely skip that one. I can tell this is going to be a long night...

I am so sorry you and Jackson are sick. Here's a good recipe for some healing iced tea: 1/2 cup of cold Madagascar vanilla tea and 1/2 cup of Simply Lemonade. Or you can make your own lemonade. That tea mixes really well with lemon and honey or sugar cold or hot. If you make your own lemonade, try to find Meyer lemons. They taste the best with it.

I'm going to try to get N to work on a mail art thing this weekend...we'll see. I've also thought about home schooling but N is better learning for someone who isn't me. :). And he also needs to be around peers. I can't believe the year is over and summer is here, just when I was getting used to our routine.

Well, I'll stop blathering and try to get some shut-eye. Thanks again for sending those pictures. Kid art never ceases to amaze with unexpected inventivenesses.

Miss Lisa said...

Thank you, Miss, for the drink recipe. That sounds really yummy. Tea with lemon and honey is the original smart food for people with colds. Today I'm doing better but have some major pink-eye going on, which is gross and weird. A Frankenstein-monster-like symptom that has me lurching around my house, hiding half my face with my hair. A ghoul.

I got your fantabulous mail this week. It's just grand! Jackson was completely mesmerized by the matchbook concept. I'll take some photos today for here. Thank you! Every time I look at it, I laugh. I laugh inside and out.

Dee See said...

I'm so sorry about the pink-eye. Anything around eyes is so awful. I hope it gets cleared up soon. I just had a hideous case of athlete's foot that I think might have been poison oak...I have no idea where I got it, either. Yuck. Sometimes it seems we are all just mobile petri dishes, you know?

Thanks about the matchbook. That was tons-o-fun. N and I might actually work on something this afternoon...we'll see.

It's raining here and a little on the dreary side but I've got the windows open and it smells fresh like it does back east in the spring. I love that.