Friday, May 25, 2012

candy is in the house!

The package arrived this afternoon, solo, without all the distraction of accompanying junkmail and assorted circulars. The characters inside are so funny!  I love that opera singer.  Her expression kills me.  It reminds me of a face N sometimes makes when he's trying to imitate someone being snotty.  And the woman with the purple ear hat.  Haven't we seen her somewhere before, like at a warehouse party from the 80s?  The older gentleman is there to balance things out, not just genderally, but also in terms of gravity.  He seems to be a more serious kind of guy, what with the full beard and all.  Too funny!

And then, turn them over and they're representatives of objects from the cupboard, everyday items we can't live without...take that tea for instance.  That is my absolute favorite.  The one with the lion: celestial seasonings madagascar vanilla.  That stuff is so hard to find anymore.  I had to order an entire case from the co-op to get my last fix.

Well, I am now on notice!  I have some ideas but the one I really want to work on involves a small piece of astroturf and that is hard to come by these days.  So, I'll have to dream up something else in the meantime...stay tuned!


Miss Lisa said...

Whoa--I mailed that yesterday afternoon. Do you suppose my mail lady has magical powers? She must know the right people.

Dee See said...

I'm percolating an idea that doesn't involve AstroTurf but am working this week so it might be a few days until you get it. Not worth holding your breath over but I do think it should elicit a chuckle or two, possibly three.

Have you seen this totally juvenile show called Workaholics? We watched the first two episodes last night and, well A thought it was funnier than I did but we'll probably sit thru the season.

I hope J's feeling better and you all had a good mem day!!

Miss Lisa said...

Hiya. I'm a little blank-minded right now, so you percolate and I'll work on my mind-sprouting. Jackson's still coughing so hopefully he'll be up for school tomorrow. His coughing is affecting my sleeping so we're both kind of zombies.

We did do a lot of shopping this weekend. I bought a cute little portable bucket barbecue and we made some chicken. We inhaled a lot of charcoal-briquet smoke. But at least we weren't eating pizza, which is always a good thing when pizza has become too prevalent.

Lovely day. Going to try and do some art and commerce today. From the couch, while I snooze. Will check out Workaholics--I trust your judgment.

Oh, I meant to tell you, I'm completely obsessed with Celestial Seasonings' Madagascar Vanilla Red Roobios tea too! I didn't know it was hard to find but I think you're right because I don't always notice it in the store lately. I found a box in the back of my cupboard and I was so happpppppyeeeee.