Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tales From My Mail Lady

I've mostly been putting my mail to you in our mailbox, knowing that our nice mail lady (her name slips my mind right now—I'm really bad with names) will most likely take anything I put in there as long as the postage looks adequate. I haven't had a chance to talk to her since we started doing this project, but today I was home with Jackson (migraine and his cough came back—poor guy) and caught her on her rounds. She didn't have any mail for us so I asked her if she'd take my uh, thing, for you. She said, "Is this as strange as the one I brought yesterday? (dinosaur diorama). Then she said she loved our mail lately and it was making her day.

I asked her if she happened to have delivered the glove and she started laughing and said, "I did, and you know what's funny? We wear those gloves when we deliver the mail. I have some in my truck right now. And someone back at the post saw it and thought someone had dropped their glove in the mail to be delivered."  Ha ha ha!

Then she said everyone was talking about our mail and how fun it was. She wanted to know what we were sending to each other inside the packages, so I told her paintings and cartoon things--art. She smiled and said, "Well, it just makes my day. You don't know what we go through..." (she gestured toward the neighborhood and her truck). I said, I know. And she said, "We don't get much" (she gestured toward the garbage truck that showed up on our street right then), "You know...garbage trucks...that sort of thing..." Then I told her my kid loved garbage trucks. In fact, he was on the sidewalk right then, making a video of that very garbage truck. She laughed.

When life gives you garbage trucks, make videos. I guess.

Anyway, the P.O. is very impressed with you and so am I. Maybe I'll make a portrait for her. She a true mail-art enthusiast!

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Dee See said...

I was laughing so hard when I read this Adam thought I was on the phone talking to someone. I'm so glad you like this. It was a bolt of lightning idea. I can't take credit for all of it. A few years back, someone had a piece in a local show that involved one of these plastic containers and I kind of filed it away under, remember this for future reference. Then, last week, something clicked and it all came together and vo-ee-lah! I would love to do a whole wall of dioramas in those containers...they are just screaming for someone to do something fun like that. One of these days...a good excuse to consume more blueberries if nothing else.
Jackson totally cracks me up! He is so hilarious. Will he be posting his videos on youtube? I think we might have a documentary-making-prodigy in our midsts! I hope he's feeling better.