Monday, May 7, 2012

Me Wow

The cats have arrived.  I especially like Michael, who is bearing gifts!  Flooby is all about pure love and self-expression while Delilah is so much more coy, demure.  There's something about Miss Muffy (her quietly amused expression?) that reminds me of John Hughes.  Tuffy is  a bit more mysterious.  Could it be the collar, or his suggestive side-eye?

These remind me of my Wacky Package days.  I miss that bubble gum smell and the aromatic white powdery stuff that wafted off when you unwrapped your latest procurement.  I had no idea Art Spiegelman was behind those things.  Crust Toothpaste!

I just finished listening to the latest WTFs.  I think I heard way too many "awesome"s.  What is happening?  Is success really that bad for you?  The worst part is the way he distinguishes between celebrities/performers/comics and "normal" people, i.e., his audience fan base and the public in general.  I can't decide if success covers one with layers of protective ice, like freezer burn, or if it eats away at someone's authenticity, leaving behind an attractive yet hollow husk?  Maybe he's just getting too nice. Remember when he screamed at those people for getting up to walk to the bathroom when we saw him?  I loved that.  I can't help but notice that type of random flourish is going quickly by the wayside as he gets more and more removed from his audience and closer and closer to bigger celebrities, like Chelsea Handler.  I've never seen her but she totally seems of a type: gross but honest about it.  Oh, well.  It was fun while it lasted.  Good thing he recorded all those early shows so trajectories can be tracked.  You just know many a post-post modern dissertation will be written on this stuff.

Keep an eye out for pieces of furniture headed your way, specifically a dinette set.

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Dee See said...

PS: don't you love the watercolors? The reds and blues are my favorites. If you get a chance, try different watercolor papers. You'll be totally amazed at how they produce their own special effects...I'll send you some small trial samples soon! -DC