Thursday, May 24, 2012


You know, I didn't see that you and J showed up in that first image as little tiny figures.  Not until I compared the two did I see you waving from the terrace, just very small.  I love how the table looks so much like water, too.  That table is very versatile for photographing.  The lighting is amazing and there are many illusions, moods it captures. 

I ran (if you could call it running) and walked last night for about 15 minutes.  It's not the best arrangement but the air was cool and no one was out except us and it was just very relaxing and I felt like I got all that extra nervous energy out after an intense day at work.  I do try to stretch every day and do some "core" work, too, but I'm not consistent.  You're so right about life after 40.  Something clicked over, you could almost feel it happening, and suddenly everything started to settle in ways that just feel somewhat permanent and uncomfortable.  Like places that you never even noticed are now announcing their utmost importance and with urgency.  Where were they when I had the energy to pay attention to them?! 

I am officially procrastinating.  I prepared surfaces and built little supports and now must get up and start working.  Must get up.  Must work.  :)

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Miss Lisa said...

When the sun's right, that table is fun for photography. It's just a cheap table like the kind everyone had on their cement deck in the 70s (we have a cement deck--the landlord got rid of the wood one when animals kept trying to live under it). I'm a big fan of cheap functional outdoor furniture. It's only going to get trashed out there anyway.

I'll write more about exercise without being obnoxious. Sounds like you're doing good stuff. Stretching is great. Someone recently wrote a column recommending standing on one foot when you brush your teeth. Good for balance. I always forget to do that. More soon.