Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Stuff and Nonsense

Hi Deet -

Thank you for the photos of the mail art I forgot to photograph before sending it off your way.

Junk-mail collage postcard

Flower stationery made of watercolor, gesso, pencils, tea stains

flower envelope

bookmarks, comics

bakc of bookmarks

Marc Maron's morning illustrated tweets—received a "Ha! Nice job." tweet from him

And once again, because it's an election year—the teeny tiny Republicans


Dee See said...

Hey Lees!
I see my photos are kind of spotty looking. When I took the pictures, there were nice little splotches of sunlight coming through the blinds but they didn't translate very well onto digital film I see. I will take better pics later this week and send them on to you...speaking of later this week, be on the look out for two suspicious looking packages containing somewhat interesting random thoughts.

Miss Lisa said...

OK, but don't worry about the images. They're fine. I upped the contrast slightly so the light might have been upped too but that's OK with me.

I don't have a good setup for taking art photos. Sometimes I go in the backyard and let everything get blasted by sun (we have a lot of shade trees too, so the choice is dappled or pure light). Sometimes I take them in the family room, which gets a lot of light, but it's weird filtered light as well.

The most challenging shoot I ever did was for Etch-A-Sketch portraits. Highly reflective screen--impossible. I had to angle the toy on a chair and shoot from the floor with my hand at a weird angle too. I'm sure I looked completely insane doing this. I certainly felt insane.