Friday, May 18, 2012

LOL Glove

This cracked me up. It looked funny in the mailbox, funny in my living room, and funny when Jackson tried it on after I opened it. Brah-vo! I bow to you, Mail Art Goddess.

I'm thinking of ways to display my lovely mail arts. Shelves, banners, sleeves—depends on the wall space I suppose. Hanging from the ceiling may be the way to go around here—cool mobile idea.

I'm teaching exquisite corpse making to 34 fourth-graders this morning. Eep. I'm going to try and shovel in a colored-pencil technique lesson in there as well. WILL THEY LISTEN? Only time will tell.

I'm sending you something today. A little something.


Dee See said...

OMG, I am so amazed it got there. It looks like from the photo you could reuse the stamps if you want. I've always wanted to send a glove through the PO, but it just only recently occurred to me that it didn't have to be something Jackie O might have worn. I'm so glad you like it!
Sad to say, this might have been the pinnacle of my career as a mail art person. I have no idea where to go from here :0 <--that's a Mr. Bill face saying his two word infamous phrase.

Dee See said...

Will you some pictures of those exquisite corpses? I am certain they will create some very amazing creatures. What a great idea to do with kids!

Miss Lisa said...

I'm so upset. I left my memory card in the computer this morning, so I brought a useless camera to class today. Another mom took photos so I'll ask her if she has some of the exquisite corpose creations. They were fantastic. Kicking myself (mentally). The kids are getting good at drawing facial expressions--lots of monsters, Medusas, mermaids, robots, tentacles and one drawing that looked like blonde Elvis wearing a pink bikini and little dancing legs in heels. It was something out of Lynda Barry--1980s. (*kicking myself*)

Yes, the stamps are completely intact but I like the way they look on the glove so I might leave them on. Opening my mailbox yesterday was so entertaining with that glove in there, looking all postal and official.

I was reading my mail art book chapter on unusual items that have been sent. My favorite was a bottle of water that the mail carrier was observed drinking from on the way to the house. Also bottles of stuff. Like old vitamin bottles. They look cute with stamps on them. I'm up for a challenge!