Thursday, May 3, 2012

Incoming mail

I sent you something today and hopefully it won't get rained on because I got to try out the new watercolors. You know how watercolors can get. The colors were really bright, vibrant even. What a dark, cloudy day. I love it. So do the plants.

I'm not surprised you miss Austin. Everyone I know who's lived there/gone to school there always says what a great city it is. Kind of like a town that's a city, I guess. With music and creativity intact. I've been watching the first season of "Friday Night Lights." I never watched because it's about small-town Texas high school football. Does anything in that description sound good to you? Me neither.

Yet it's a very good show. Large ensemble cast. Lots of drama but not over the top. Great actors. Great themes. I hear the second season kind of lost it, so I'm enjoying this one. It's to the credit of the writers/producers that they make you understand almost immediately what football means to the people of this town. It means everything. Yet it's potentially corrupting and grotesque. It's one of those shows that aptly uses high school as a kind of view into an American petri dish.

Well, there I go—talking about TV again. This is sort of a golden age for TV, but not so much for movies.

Today's James Brown's birthday and I'm going to celebrate with a little "Hot Pants."


Dee See said...

You know, I don't think I ever saw him perform. This was riveting. Seriously.

Miss Lisa said...

Ohhhhh, you have to watch James Brown in action. Nobody understands how he could move like that, even into his 60s. An amazing performer (The Hardest Working Man in Showbiz--a true moniker). I have sadness that I never got to see him perform. And especially a sadness due to the fact he was scheduled to play New Year's Eve at the Paramount in Oakland and he died that week. I know I never could have gotten tickets to that show, but I felt so bad for all the ticket holders. Imagine how sad they were to miss the Godfather of Soul. Now we all miss him.