Monday, April 30, 2012

Salt Lake City PO

Here's the latest installment, Lees.  I happened to be reading this little paperback and it conveniently fell apart just when I had almost come to the end of the stories, so I thought I would give it a new lease on life.  I meant to send it before we left for Texas but got a little side tracked with packing and all.  On the way to our connecting flight, a mail box was spotted and so the card, with any luck, will have been processed through Salt Lake City's mail sorters.  I am hoping they aren't super wacky about what gets through the mails and what doesn't.  Don't forget to check the back for the secret pull tab!  :)


Miss Lisa said...

Got it! That guy saying my address absolutely cracks me up. He's like someone annoying the hell out of Enid in "Ghost World." Does he reside in Austin? I think so.

Very impressive to send an open envelope with a pull tab! It worked beautifully. Now I feel challenged to come up with some edgy mail. A light-switch plate! Ahh...I'll think more on it. Glad you're back.

Dee See said...

A light switch plate...I love it! I love those things you take for granted and aree ubiquitous and therefore unnoticeable.

Can you believe I am a little nostalgic for Austin. I still don't get it, but now I am pining away for it. Weird.

Miss Lisa said...

Sorry again. I took the photo out, but I'll put it back up. I'm going to put up photos of all the work you've sent me, actually. I just haven't scheduled that photo shoot yet. I'll be blanking out addresses because that's the I-Spy way.