Friday, April 27, 2012

Replying from Walnut Creek Central

Oh, quick note. I think Maron is still in Austin, if you want to check his schedule. There might be a more accessible venue coming up. The one you described sounds like the coming of the comedy apocalypse and I'm glad you missed it too.

I've never been to Austin, only Dallas and San Antonio. Do you remember the Alamo? I do because that's where my ancestors lost a HUGE chunk of land. Imagine if Texas were part of Mexico. How interesting. My Grandfather upon entering the U.S. from Jalisco first worked as a ranch hand in Texas. He was a horseman, apparently and supposedly a good one. He said the racism was too hard to deal with, so he moved to...Arizona. Where he was a copper miner. Eventually he followed my Grandmother to San Francisco where he worked asbestos factory. I can't help but feel that a lot of his later health problems stemmed from that first experience in Texas, and so on.

I've heard that Austin is a very cool city. I hope you're getting some good grub and micro-brew. There's lots of comedians running around town right now, so check into that. There's probably some Purple Onion-like activity going on even as we write.

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