Friday, April 27, 2012

Austin oddities

Hi Lees! We're here. I'm actually sick and lamenting not having taken airborne before deplaning. I don't know that I've ever been to Texas before but can't really say much about it as I'm currently tapping away on a four poster bed in the semi-darkness of a pretty nice b and b room. Sounds racy, but trust me, it isn't. We missed mm's show last night at a "rock star" bar (a very nice local grad student called it that) not far from where we're staying. When I looked up the place the pictures revealed a mosh pit crammed with frat boys in cowboy hats around a swimming pool. Suffice it to say I felt ok about skipping that one. Then, this morning, just for kicks, I looked at twitter and the tweets were going nuts over him and I was even more relieved we'd missed it. Somehow I feel much more secure listening to the podcast. I know. I am a wuss. His fans here seem rabid, though...maybe it's just Texas? I finally read your email about that baby-voiced banjo playing guest. So funny! I watched the YouTube clips you sent...have you ever seen Radio Days? If you get a chance, watch the part where Mia Farrow is taking locution lessons. Hark! I hear the canons roar. Is it the king approaching? Last but not least I sent you the latest installment from the airport in the land of Moroni. Is that plural for moron? Let's ask Mitt, shall we? D

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