Monday, April 23, 2012

This weather is dynamic

Hi Deat-

I thought I'd try the blog idea on blogger this time. I'll try and figure out how to make you an administrator and such. There are some issues with blogger regarding video embedding and photo sizing. There's always something.

The weekend got into the 90s. Today it's in the 60s with fog. I know everyone writes about the weather when they get stuck for a topic. But I think the weather is worth considering. When people deny the  theory of climate change, and then experience drought conditions followed by unseasonal monsoons, I always wonder how long they'll continue to ignore the obvious weirdness in the air. Decades? I'm hoping SUVs at least will go the way of the Hummer, the Gremlin, the Pacer—fading into the past during our lifetimes.

I watched a lot of TV last night. Sunday night seems to be the ultimate in programming with popular shows going up against each other from 8 to 11 pm. It's driving TV addicts to distraction. Last night I flipped between Celebrity Apprentice and Mad Men. I'm recapping Apprentice on my blog and Mad Men is the ultimate in water cooler programming, so I must watch both! One of the older characters and founding member of the ad agency on Mad Men took LSD last night and that scenario combined with the absurdity of Donald Trump doing a "reality" business show, provided for my own psychedelic experience. Television as muse.

The tiny Republicans and their hell mouth
The tiny Republicans I sent—they're kind of based on real people, but not really. They remind me of this TV show (naturally). An evil and megalomaniacal demon on Buffy The Vampire Slayer was terrorizing Buffy and her entire town. When their confrontation finally came about, it turns out that the demon was only an inch high and had a comical, squeaky little voice. He is stepped on, like a cockroach. Climactic!

I went to Barnes & Noble this weekend to look for some art technique books. I never know what I'll find in a big bookstore. There were a lot of acrylic-painting books but I've checked out a bunch of those at the library this year, so I was more interested in mixed media and I don't know what else. Stuff I can't find at the library, I guess. After many searches on the shelves I found one mail art book! I was so surprised. It's by two ladies from San Francisco and it's pretty good. Kind of a history/primer, which is what's lacking in the mail-art publishing business, I guess. I also got a little book of color titled, "The Little Book of Color." Short histories of paint colors—how they were made and shades of today. Good ol' color.

Hope you are all well. I put out all our summer items, like a hammock and chairs and umbrella and now it might rain again. Yo, climate change.


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