Saturday, April 28, 2012


It's about 1:30 am and I'm a little afraid to go to sleep as the shuttle is picking us up in a couple hours. We saw the last show. It was good. The opening guy, a local, was real young, and kept you guessing about where he was going with his stuff. Mostly squirm-worthy material, but generally funny. Then was Andy Kimler (?) who I've never seen before but seems very familiar. Mr. Spontaneity or so that's his shtick...Mr. Off-The-Cuff. Very funny. After that was someone named Mary Lynn something from a tv show. She was unpolished but had a few good moments...and then of course the headliner. He's quite charming so that made up for having heard most of his material on the podcast over the last couple years. I'm glad we went. It was a good way to end this trip. I did a ton of walking and lived to type this blog post. We were very bad vegetarians and had some very good BBQ, including ribs and brisket. I observed a public swimming pool made by damming a pretty blue green river. Some art was seen, some Gutenberg bibles and many Segways. I cannot figure this place out. As far as I can tell, there are two main camps here: Greeks and hipsters and not much in between. Other than that, it's very difficult to say what is going on here. Maybe it's just me and I need to get some sleep?

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