Friday, May 11, 2012

Mail Art Round-up

I thought I'd post some photos from your last few DeeSee mailings. Sometimes I send off stuff to people before photographing it and it's an "oh well" moment. Remember before digital photography and we never took photos of all this stuff all the time? I like that we can archive our lives, but it's still kind of weird to do so, for me anyway.

Haven't had a chance to listen to much Marc Maron lately. I did hear the Chelsea Handler interview. That was kind of a weird one. She seems either very guarded or very shallow or perhaps a combination of both. I actually like her delivery on her show. She's one of those people who doesn't really say a lot of funny zingers, but her attitude and flat inflection—I find that very funny. Almost like a character from Absolutely Fabulous or something. She also appears not to care if anyone likes her or not. That's such a rare quality. You find that in narcissists, sociopaths, and some entertainers lately. It's like a "thing" but you don't see it in women performers all that much. So here's to women behaving like male insult comics. There's a niche for us all.

Where was I? Oh yes—mail art! Fabulous!

Front of sardine can painting with enclosed "idea bulbs." Sometimes these fall out when I pick up my pile of mail art and then I laugh.

Back of sardine can.

Lovely circles with circle notes.
Combination artwork
The carpet postcard that reminds me of my carpet.

Back of the carpet is dreamy too.


Dee See said...

Hey! Thanks for posting all those. I was trying to remember what I'd sent and now I can see it all. I will do the same for yours...give me a couple days to take pics and post. I don't have access to "paint", ironically enough...would you like me to mail you the pics first and you can post...or I can just put little pieces of paper over the private parts (sounds racy). Let me know what you prefer. Do you think anyone is even looking at this blog besides us?

Miss Lisa said...

You can email me the photos--yes. For now, no one's reading this particular blog. But the thing about the Internet is, it's extremely public. And so anyone might happen upon it at any given time, or on one of our images. Or they could use one of our images in something else. Oh, the scenarios I could lay out. Thanks for documenting. I have photos of the Marc Maron comic already and the junk-mail collage. Forgot to photograph the bookmarks and weird flower thing.

That flower thing was a tutorial by Carla Sonheim who recently taught an online flower-art class. I wanted to take it but it was $100. Kind of steep for me right now. She has a Quarry book, "Drawing Lab for Mixed-Media Artists." I might have mentioned it already. It got me back into drawing.

I might start a daily art journal. Perhaps my drawing will improve with obsessive daily application. :)