Friday, June 8, 2012

Hulk. Incredible.

Speaking of cartoon characters, this guy appeared in the mail yesterday and then I saw him again this afternoon on the big screen in The Avengers. You really got not only his likeness but his persona. He's so fierce looking but there's also a cuteness about his ferocity. And believe it or not, my insomnia was kept at bay last night. I have the Hulk to thank for that!


Dee See said...

Oh, yes, I should mention that this little Hulk busted out of his packaging just like the real Hulk. Very cool.

Miss Lisa said...

Hulk is speedy and a little runty for mail regulations, so I'm glad he arrived safe and sound. How was The Avengers? I'm finally feeling that I might venture out into the world very soon and see a movie or a play during recovery. If this were Victorian times, I would most likely be considered a sickly thing. I'm sure allergies are adding to the mix. And there would be no superheroes either to uplift us with their daring-do. Have you read "The Adventures of Cavalier and Clay"? Good book. Contains superheroes and the men who created them.