Thursday, December 6, 2012

Instant Fortune Dispenser!

A truly interactive mail-art experience! Complete with multiple-chance fortunes for all occasions! Let's take a look (with sound effects as I worked the ingenious mechanism).

Ooh--hand-painted box!

(turning it over) Hmm?

(reading) Open here...

OK! What's in there? (peering into the darkness)

Hah! Tiny! (as little roll of paper falls out)

(unrolling, reading) "You will concquer obstacles to achieve success."

HA! In your FACE, obstacles! Yeah! (fist pump)

An ongoing experience as we read our fortunes again and again. This is so delightful! And replaces my old Magic 8-ball, which started leaking a number of years ago. This has no liquid and can never leak! And it's pretty too. Very clever!

I'm reading my next fortune now: "You will spend old age in comfort."

That is such a relief to know!

1 comment:

Dee See said...

It's a three-fer: learn Chinese and the future! Or play the lottery!

I saved so many fortunes over the years, I thought I would re-cycle them and so this little machine was born. An all around circle-o-Life Buddhist kind of device, one could surmise.

I'm so glad they put stamps on it and cute ones, too.