Friday, December 14, 2012

The Goth at the End of the Bar: a play, in several acts

ACT ONE: in which we discover a mysterious matchbox

ACT TWO: in which an entrance to a bar is revealed

ACT THREE: in which, upon further investigation (i.e., opening said matchbox), a dimly lit tavern comes into view...

ACT FOUR: in which a lone goth is sighted at the end of the bar!

POST SCRIPT:  Here are a couple more pictures. I  tried to capture the wonderfulness of the interior, its furniture and general ambience:


Miss Lisa said...

She really took on a tiny life of her own. Remember Toni? She reminds me of Toni.

Dee See said...

Was there a "punk Toni"? I remember "Toni Ramone" who went to one of the high schools I went to. She claimed she'd slept with either one or all of the Ramones, I can't remember which. But whatever it was, she thought of herself as an honorary Ramone.

Oh, yes, now I remember Toni. She had really short hair and didn't look all that drastic. If it's who I'm thinking of, she was short and a little pudgy and not very extreme. Kind of an intellectual punk.

This mail was so cute and such a surprise. I love all the furniture and the details on the walls and the fact that they're all black. The whole feeling is very much like the real thing. I could not do it justice with my pictures but I will post a couple more to show the fun details!

Miss Lisa said...

I took some photos too. I'll dig them out. Did you ever go to that bar on Clement--the name is slipping my memory now. It was very black and white with free caviar on Saltines. It was a very strange place. Kind of like a discotheque on a forgotten island off of Greece.

I was originally going to make a tiny Graffiti Bar from Valencia St., with day-glow art and all funky, but for some reason, the Clement bar seemed more like a place this Goth would hang out in.

Toni was this small girl, yes and smart and one day she cut her hair in a rocker-chick mullet and then she dyed it Easter-chick yellow. And we were going to room with her but we changed our minds because I think we found our apartment while she was away for a few days and she had a dog so it was harder to find a place with her. She was really pissed but she held it in and with dignity, dismissed us from her being. Or at least that's how I remember it.

I made her a tiny purple glass but I bumped it or swept it or something and it is lost (probably in our gross shag carpeting) forever. It is so weird working tiny. My fingers felt HUGE, like dill pickles. You really need one of those cool magnifying-glasses on a stand. And a set of tweezers. That's the way to go. If I had all that, I probably could have given her a proper nose.

Next time.

Miss Lisa said...

I think it was The Caspian. Probably not there any more, or under new ownership.