Saturday, August 24, 2013

Found Object or A Little Madness for the King

Can you believe this escaped my notice? Our PO is so crazy. It's impossible to know when this arrived. It has no postmarks. I cannot even begin to tell you what they did with our mail when we were on vacation. Suffice it to say, a neighbor came by yesterday to show me the form I'd filled out requesting the PO hold our mail while we were gone. They'd mailed the form to her! That place is out of control. I have no idea what to do since they've basically gone rogue these days. I digress. I hadn't read this one before. It's perfect and wonderful even in the midst of summer. Thank you!

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Miss Lisa said...

I forgot this one! I think I sent this to you just before your big trip, so it was a sort of bon voyage piece of mail. Stencils--they're happenin'.