Thursday, September 12, 2013

That's right: donuts

Hmm? What's this?

*gasp!* Cute little bag!

Look what's inside...


That's right: donuts. What happened to the other two? I wonder...

Close-up on my favorites: plain.

And of course, chocolate sprinkles.

Oh, donuts—you are wondrous indeed.


Dee See said...

Tonight my mom said she and her friend went to go see a new store her friend had told her about. When they got there, it was surrounded by police cars and they couldn't figure out why. Of course I had to chime in, "maybe they are giving away free donuts!?"

There's a "gourmet" donut store nearby I want to try called, Doughbot. Apparently, they sell out pretty quickly and then close up shop for the day and consequently, I have not been able to sample their wares as I am not a morning person. The lavender lemon sounds truly amazing.

My favorite is also the plain. I've asked our local "Fluffy Donuts" to make me a plain chocolate cake donut but I still have not seen it in the showcase. This is a flavor I dream about when I dream about donuts.

Speaking of dreams, my favorite name for a donut shop is "Dream Fluff", in Berkeley!

Miss Lisa said...

Yes, for non-morning people, donuts can be elusive, making them that much more enticing. Except for Portland, where Voodoo Donuts is open 24 hours. But that's Portlandia.

I like plain cake donuts especially the old-fashioned kind, and once in a while an old-fashioned in chocolate frosting fits the bill. The only place I've seen the chocolate donuts (actual chocolate donuts--not the glaze) is at Dunkin' Donuts on the East Coast. Keith gets those every time we go there. Why can't the West Coast get it together? What are they afraid of--not selling enough chocolate donuts? As if.

Krispy Kreme gives out little paper baker hats to kids and sometimes Jackson wears his around the house. It's very life-affirming to see him walking around the house with a baker's hat on. I feel very blessed.