Monday, April 7, 2014

Buttered Toast!

HAR. This is just so fantastic. Look at this ceramic buttered toast! Made it through the USPS - NO PROBLEM. Butter intact, charm intact. You are a wonder. A mail-art wonder!


The light is trickier in my back yard in the spring--more leaves on the trees. You get to see my big, fat hand as I hold the art to the sun. But that's toasty, isn't it?

I started something for you but it's not working as I planned. Will begin again. :)


Dee See said...

Yay! OMG,I am just full of pithy puns like: you are the toast of the town twice over! Like I said, OMG. And please don't worry about rushing. Loaf a little!!! See what I mean? But seriously, please don't rush. Have fun!

Miss Lisa said...

It made it through the mail like BUTTAH. Wish I could have seen my mail lady when she sorted this. I bet she was full of glee! Or ghee!

OK, I'm still working on yours so it won't be so crumby.