Saturday, May 3, 2014

Official! Guaranteed!

I love this so much! I don't think I told you this but some of my more recent dreams have been about trying to dial a number or write an address and getting it wrong over and over and over again. In these dreams I've not been able to reach the person I keep trying to call and I have to punch the numbers in repeatedly, each time fumbling over tiny keys. Or I am writing and can't get the pencil to make the letters I so desperately want to mark down. And here is a little box of dreams that has arrived at its destination against all odds. Look inside:

How did you do this!? It's like opening up the night sky. Here is what is inside:

I've had a version of every one of these. My favorite, besides flying, which happens so infrequently, is the secret room dream. Maybe it's because of all the House Hunters International I've watched. It's true. I'll take you on a tiny tangent to say that one of my co-workers has a very close relative who is the main producer of that show. I'm not sure what to do with this information, except to say I am hoping that one day I will get to meet and speak with this person. Ridiculous, yes. Besides, I'm convinced the show is rigged and scripted. A morbid fascination. I am very happy to note that we don't have a proper tv so I am forced to watch it on youtube or when we're on vacation. TMI, I know. Now I am not sure how to transition back to your incredible dream book. Let me close by showing the last two photos. One is the other side, the bottom, of the inside. It's a tactile experience that is so strange it could only have been inspired by dream logic. The color, also, is a perfect complement to the royal blue of the rest of the box. And the little gold hummingbird. It is, of course, the only possible artifact that could have accompanied these dreams that are so comfortably nestled in their box.

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Miss Lisa said...

It was a long, round-about journey, but it finally made it! I had this library book on bookmaking and one of the projects was a round, unbound book where the pages could be in any order. As we tend to eat Laughing Cow on occasion, I had one of those boxes around. But I couldn't label the thing correctly, much like your cell-phone/pencil dreams.

I have those kinds of dreams too, especially phone-problem dreams. That movie, "Waking Life" (which all takes place in a collaboratively created dream state) states that technology NEVER works in dreams, and I think that's true, although I had never thought of it that way until seeing the film. Cars, phones, pens, watches, all that stuff--doesn't seem to work. Why would that be, I wonder? Do we only dream of them as objects of frustration?

And the idea of all these universal dreams that most people have experienced multiple times. We are not such special snowflakes. And yet some of the dreams I've had were as elaborate as any epic Hollywood film and sometimes I feel like I'm having someone else's dream.

And so the idea of dreams. As an art form/happening. What do you think about someone staging some of these universally experienced dreams in real life? I think you'll know what I'm referring to. Someone blurring the lines between reality and dream-thought. That might be weird.