Saturday, May 24, 2014


In all the months we've been sending mail, it occurred to me to do this. Kudos to you for duct-tape mail. And it's traditional too, silvery-gray. So durable, water-proof even. Jackson wanted to know how you kept it all from sticking, except for the part that was supposed to stick. I told him, "Superior textile know-how."

The envelope is perfection.


Dee See said...

Not the most beautiful substance in the world, but it won't chip or crack when handled by the USPS!

Dee See said...

If Jackson wants to make one, it's really simple. Here's a pretty good link:

There are lots of youtube videos, too.

Basically, you make the big sheet and then cut it down to the dimensions you want and you can keep adding tape as pockets, seams, etc. There's no perfect way to do it. It's fun because you can't really make a mistake with duct tape!

Miss Lisa said...

Have you seen all the duct-tape options at the hardware store? There's zebra-stripe, and hot-pink lightning bolts and all kinds of stuff, plus every color on the color wheel. It almost intimidates me. But if I were to make a wallet or something, I could really go to town.