Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fairy Tales

I just read over your last comments below and still haven't quite gotten to process all of it.  It's so packed with ideas and insights and commentary.  Unfortunately, as I've gotten older, ok, matured, I've gotten quite slow and basically now plod through this life, needing hours or days to accomplish what most can do in minutes.  My current theory on this is to blame the inundation that is contemporary daily life but that could just be an excuse for my obtusity, if that's a word.

Let's see...I am reading The Book of Lost Things.   He has a way of weaving a sentence together that makes you want to keep going to see what will happen next.  It's a scary fairy tale.  The story drags you in and make you feel as though you are also between sleep and reality and  if only you'd open your eyes, you'd be back home again...or at least that's where I suspect it is going...but I'm not there yet.  Thanks for the recommendation.  I don't read a lot of fiction.

How do you feel about fairy tales?  Do you think they have a place in 80s SF?  I see a lot of faded colors and bad hair.  Maybe a warehouse party or two.  I'm thinking about sending you a list of some of my most vivid memories of that time.  The ones that have a little shimmering edge to them, for lack of a better way to describe what I remember and how it exists in my mind's eye.  This all sounds so stupid when it's written down...hmmmm. 

OK, reality has arrived in the form of a mumbling 11 year old who is now doing curls on the couch and reading his favorite author: Jim Davis.  I must finish mentioning...I just sent out a small item that, upon reflection should reveal its destination.  If not reflection, then it requires a little back lighting...if it doesn't arrive, I can post some pictures of it.  The post person seemed a bit doubtful...this language thing can be so clunky in the hands of a bumbler like me...anyways, I hope you get it soon!  :)

PS: I read both of the Bridge books and both were very readable, very good.  It's been a few years, maybe I'll read them again.  I've never seen the movies...I'll check netflix...we might have them at the library.  Speaking of the library, I just bought the Ben Taylor book (I buy all the 700s (the arts) for the collection (my favorite part of my job) and just put a hold on it as it's not in yet.

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