Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sans Stamps

I just had to put this up because I found it on my camera when I went to download the pictures in the Dreamers post.  A couple of weeks ago, N and A and I were taking a walk and as we passed this building, N and I commented on how interesting it was.  I had my camera so I took a picture of it.  Here's mine:

N asked to use the camera to take his own picture of it himself so I handed it to him.  He did his thing and then I took the camera back and put it in my bag without another thought.  Until this afternoon.  Here's the picture he took:

I completely forgot he'd taken that picture and when I saw it I thought, WTF?  Luckily, I'd taken the one before and that gave me the context to remember what had happened.  N is so funny.  He takes the most interesting shots, since he was very little.  He definitely has an eye.  So without even knowing it, he just sent his first mail art to you and J...sans stamps.  :)


Miss Lisa said...

Hi I'm back! But I'm very jet-lagged and our flight was delayed for a day due to plane malfunctioning. We spent the night in Denver and woke at 5:30 today to make a second flight to SFO, which was delayed for nearly two hours due to FOG. Someday we will laugh. Oh what the hell. I'll laugh right now: HA HA! Anyway, we're home and none the worse for wear, other than looking about age 60 and surrounded by laundry.

I love N's photos too. He has a lovely way of framing stuff so it's abstract yet recognizable. It's like a picture puzzle and very fun to look at. I think he sees "within a frame," which is rare for a kid. He probably has some very high-end spatial-relationship thoughts going on.

Has he ever tried sculpture? I think he would like working in 3D too.

I will write more and study your other posts more tomorrow when I'm hopefully more coherent. Lots of Web work today and now to bed. Hugs.

Dee See said...

That's the worst travel story I've heard in a while. I hope you got caught up on your rest. What a visual: looking like 60 and surrounded by laundry...! That's a weekly occurrence around here. :)